Cleansing & Disinfection


Poultry Housing / Barns and Farm Building

1. Personnel must be provided with and wear personal protective equipment prior to commencing the cleaning and disinfection procedure. The equipment should comprise of; respirator face mask, eye protection, coveralls, heavy duty rubber gloves and rubber or polyurethane boots.

2. Remove all equipment and dry clean the inside of the building/housing.

3. Dispose of all litter and debris as far away from the building as possible.

4. Apply a heavy duty cleaner (Erazer™ at 1:10) to all internal surfaces at low pressure and leave for 5-10 minutes to help penetrate & lift dirt, muck etc.

5. Using clean water, pressure wash all surfaces.

6. Disinfect the drinking water delivery system within the building/house/barn with an approved disinfectant (ViralFX™ at 1:100) leaving it for 30 minutes and then flushing the system through with clean water.

7. All equipment removed from the building must be thoroughly cleaned (Erazer™ at 1:10 and left for 5-10 minutes), & then rinsed with clean water prior to being disinfected (ViralFX™ at 1:100).

8. Using either a knapsack sprayer or pressure washer apply disinfectant (ViralFX™ at 1:100) to all internal surfaces, paying particular attention to corners, cracks and seams. Allow surfaces to thoroughly dry before restocking and replacement of disinfected equipment.

9. The farm buildings, loading bays, paths etc. should then be treated with disinfectant, leaving it to soak for at least 30 minutes before rinsing with clean water.

10. Once the building/housing has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, replace equipment and lay new bedding if appropriate. The building may now be disinfected (ViralFX™ at 1:100) to help prevent/eliminate any infection that may have been brought in with these new items.

11. Put an effective rodent control programme into place.

12. Bird proof your poultry house - block up holes or inlets where wild birds can gain entry to your poultry shed (see "Protecting poultry against wild birds" below).

13. Provide staff training and raise awareness of biosecurity issues.

Effective cleansers and disinfectants are essential to the success of the continuous biosecurity programme for prevention against Avian Influenza. Use heavy-duty cleaner Erazer™ to clean buildings and equipment. Then disinfect using ViralFX™ effective at high and low temperatures with proven biocidal activity against viruses, bacteria, and fungal disease-causing organisms.