Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)

HACCP production safety system has great potential in Biosecurity and security concerns of livestock operations. A central objective in the HACCP system is to prevent, eliminate, control or reduce a safety concern to an acceptable level. In livestock Biosecurity and security programs the prevention, elimination, control or reduction applies to disease transmission.

Standard Operating Procedures–Good Management Practices, communication and training checklists can be tools used to help accomplish the Biosecurity and security objectives. It is very important to involve all personnel in developing, monitoring and evaluating the Biosecurity and security needs and activities of an operation. Open discussions that respectfully debate the merits of an activity between personnel levels is more apt to recruit personnel cooperation and the justification discussions during the scheduled Biosecurity and security reviews.

Bio-Security Major Components

Resistance, Isolation, Traffic, Control, and Sanitation are the five components when effectively managed meet the principle Biosecurity objective of preventing or minimizing cross–contamination of body fluids (feces, urine, saliva, respiratory secretions, etc.) between animals, animals to feed, and animals to equipment. Think of them as hurdles. Together, these multiple hurdles can effectively protect animals from disease.

ViralFx™ plays a vital role in Bio-Security, Sanitation in HACPP Production Safety.