ViralFx™ In Equine Bio-Security

Animal Biosecurity and disease control and protection in Equine care

How Equine Diseases Are Spread

One of the greatest disease threats to a horse is from another horse, whether through direct contract or through surfaces, equipment, vehicles or people contaminated by diseased animals. Vaccination is important. Medication can be used once the horse or pony is seen to be sick.

But neither can offer complete, effective and economical protection against the wide range of disease organisms that threaten horses. Biosecurity completes the triangle of protection - excluding disease organisms from the animals' environment. This is the only way to break the cycle of disease.

Biosecurity can only be achieved through regular and comprehensive routines, using products that are proven to be effective against viral, bacterial and fungal disease organisms. ViralFx™ is the ultimate equine disinfectant proven to be effective against viral, bacterial and fungal organisms which can cause disease in horses.


Control The Spread Of Equine Diseases With ViralFx™

ViralFx™ is a broad spectrum equine disinfectant / detergent / wash for cleaning, disinfecting stables and equipment.

Use ViralFx™ in Stables, Horse Boxes, Box Stalls, Tack, Equipment, and Feed Rooms: Thoroughly clean and dry (dry clean) surfaces, then wash the area manually or with pressure washer with a 1% ViralFx™ solution. Rinse with clean water - Blankets, Saddle Pads and Rugs: Shampoo by hand or spray lightly with a hand-sprayer and leave to dry. Shake or vacuum to remove residue.

How To Control The Spread Of Equine Diseases

Stable Blocks & Horse Boxes
  • Remove all movable equipment (feeders, drinkers etc)
  • Remove all organic material (mud, soiled bedding and refuse) through scraping and brushing
  • Using either a pressure washer, knapsack sprayer or watering can disinfect all surfaces with ViralFx™ solution (1:100 dilution rate)
  • Allow surfaces to dry before replenishing bedding and replacing equipment
Feeders Tack and other Equipment
  • Wash drinkers, feeders, tack and other equipment with ViralFx™ solution (1:100 dilution rate) until visibly clean
  • Rinse with clean water and then allow to dry.
Directions to Wash
  • Washing with ViralFx™ at a dilution rate 1:100 can help control the challenge of organisms that are responsible for Ringworm, Mud Fever and Strangles.
  • Use a clean sponge to apply the ViralFx™ solution, leave for 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with clean water


How to make a 1:100 solution of ViralFx™

How to make a 1:100 solution of ViralFx™ How to make a 1:200 solution of ViralFx™
Water ViralFx™   Water ViralFx™
1 litre 10 grams   1 litre 5 grams
10 litres 100 grams   10 litres 50 grams
100 litres 1 kilogram   100 litres 500 grams
      1 gallon (4.5 litres) 22.5 grams
ViralFx™ Available Pack-Size:
  • 1Kg Bucket
  • 2Kg Bucket
  • 5Kg Bucket
  • 10Kg Bucket