Dilution Rate & Usage Guidelines

How-To-Prepare ViralFX solution

Surface Disinfection

Using a proven disinfectant such as ViralFx™ against viruses, bacteria, fungi, and moulds is essential. ViralFx™ is an essential BioSecurity agent. The level of disease-causing organisms present after basic cleaning can remain high enough to offer a serious disease challenge to livestock.

Surface DisinfectionDilution RateApplication
Routine disinfection for all surfaces, wood, concrete and earth 1 : 100 (10 grams ViralFx™ to every 1 litre of water) Use pressure washer sprayer, apply ViralFx™ solution at an application rate of 300 ml/m2


Surface Application Usage Chart

To estimate the total surface area to be disinfected, including walls and ceilings, multiply the total floor area by 2.5





  • Decide on the volume of ViralFx™ solution required at the appropriate dilution rate and biosecurity 
  • Measure appropriate quantity of ViralFx™ powder to achieve the desired dilution rate
  • Add ViralFx™ powder to the water and stir thoroughly to dissolve
  • Using a pressure washer or other mechanical sprayer, apply ViralFx™ solution at rate of 300 ml/m2

Farm Equipment Disinfection

All farm equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to use or transfer between sites to remove any potential disease causing organisms and cross contamination.

Farm EquipmentDilution RateApplication
Routine cleaning and disinfection of movable farm equipment 1:100 10 grams of ViralFx™ to every 1 litre of water Using a brush or pressure washer, wash all equipment in ViralFx™ solution until visibly clean


Farm Water System Disinfection And Biosecurity

Water System DisinfectionViralFx™  Dilution RateApplication
Terminal Disinfection 1:200 – 1:1000 Isolate header tank at the mains and drain off to drinker points farthest from tank. Clean out any gross soiling and debris. Refill with water and add the appropriate volume of ViralFx™ powder, thoroughly stir and leave for 10 minutes. Flush system through to all drain off points and leave for a further 50 minutes before draining system and refilling with clean water.
Continuous Disinfection 1 : 1000 Dose header tank as required or apply through water system dosing equipment.