ViralFX™ FAQs

  • Q1. What is the shelf life of the ViralFX™ powder?

    The shelf-life of the powder is 2 years

  • Q2. What is the use life of the ViralFX™ prepared solution?

    Up to 7 days or until all pink colour has disappeared from solution.

  • Q3. Is ViralFX™ corrosive?

    The in-use solution is generally not corrosive. However, special care should be taken when using on soft metals like copper, brass, and carbon steel as some corrosion may occur. Also, use caution where two different metals are in contact with each other as this can result in some galvanic corrosion. If any doubt exists, always test on material before broadly applying. The powder is corrosive and contact with metals or skin should be avoided.

  • Q4. On what surfaces is it safe to use ViralFX™?

    ViralFX™ is effective on hard non-porous surfaces and is compatible with most surfaces including, metal, Polypropylene, Acetyl resin, Nylon MNF 12115, PTFE, Polyethylene HD, Polyethylene LD, EVA, UPVC, PVC, EPDM, ABS, GRP, Polycarbonate, Polyurethane, Viton®, Hytrel® NBR Nitrile, CR Neoprene, "Buna N", Silicone, Red fiber.

  • Q5. Do I have to pre clean with ViralFX™?

    ViralFX™ is a unique formulation that combines cleaning and disinfection in one action, it is effective under dirty conditions through a high tolerance of organic challenge.

  • Q6. What about body fluids?

    ViralFX™ can be applied directly to body fluid spills, including urine for rapid disinfection prior to disposal.

  • Q7. Is ViralFX™ an approved disinfectant?

    Included in the Register of Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) License No. 65691/51590.

  • Q8. What quality of water should ViralFX™ solution is made with?

    Tap water is normally sufficient for dilution of the ViralFX™ powder. Water should be tepid (warm) not hot.

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