MRSA, SARS & Salmonella


ViralFx™ SARS Virus

SARS Virus

SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) - Decontamination And Prevention Protocols

Whilst the routes of transmission of SARS are not yet fully understood, there is increasing evidence of an environmental dimension. Decontamination of environments such as hospital rooms, clinics, private dwellings and public places (schools, etc) in which known cases have occupied is an obvious application for disinfectant. In addition, Health authorities have also added a preventative aspect to environmental hygiene. There follows a summary of the advice given on the various websites to both Healthcare professionals and the public.

The current consensus is that virus contained in aerosols or droplets is excreted from an infected person in coughs, sneezes or vomitus. It is thought that the virus is inhaled, or, if the virus has contaminated a surface, then transmission is via another person touching that surface and transferring the virus from hand to mouth or airway. The protocols seek to minimise the opportunity for transmission via the environmental surfaces and must therefore be performed on a regular basis for prevention to be effective.


ViralFx™ MRSA Virus

MRSA Virus

Non-chlorine based ViralFx™, with an exceptional safety profile, has no noxious vapour to cause irritation to eyes and respiratory tract. Unlike hypochlorite (bleach), ViralFx™ is not deactivated by organic matter and is therefore ideal for disinfection of body fluid spills, including urine. ViralFx™ in powder form absorbs the spill, without the generation of chlorine, as is the case with NaDCC / hypochloritegranules.

ViralFx™ has all the attributes of a disinfectant for use in a healthcare environment in close proximity to patients. Benefits include user and environmental safety - no fumes or vapour, broad spectrum high level efficacy, environmentally sound, through biodegradability and good materials compatibility.

The various ViralFx™ presentations allow easy and accurate preparation of a single dilution for all applications, in the most economical and convenient way. ViralFx™ is available in 10 kilo powder buckets for large scale use, 2 Kg plastic container for direct application to body fluids.

ViralFx™ in all forms is dissolved in tap water to form a solution effective up to 7 days or as indicated by the colour of the solution, which fades when nearing its use-life limit.


ViralFx™ Salmonella Virus

Salmonella Strains

ViralFx™ Kills Super-Resistant Salmonella Strains. ViralFx™ is free from possible Salmonella resistance build-up and the continued use of an oxidising disinfectant reduces the potential infectivity of these super strains.

There are 286 Salmonella isolates - Of the 286 isolates, the researchers concluded that there were only small variations in the minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) – the lowest concentrations of disinfectant required to inhibit the growth of the Salmonella isolates.

The best efficacies are with ViralFx™ and the use of an oxidising compound such as ViralFx™ reduced the overall minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs).