ViralFx™ Comparison Chart

ViralFx™ Vs Hypochlorite (Bleach) Solution


Sl. No.Hypochlorite(Bleach) SolutionViralFx™
  1 Hypochlorite solutions are highly corrosive to metal surfaces and will also adversely affect other materials such as silicone sealants ViralFx™ powder is corrosive. However, once diluted in water becomes non-corrosive.
  2 Hypochlorite in-use solutions are unstable land decompose rapidly In contrast 1% ViralFx™ solutions remain stable for up to seven days (the activity can be tracked by the degree of fading of the dye present)
  3 Hypochlorite solutions may cause safety, health, and environmental issues There are no known significant environmental affects caused by the component parts of ViralFx™ or its reaction products
  4 Hypochlorite solutions are irritating and unpleasant to use. ViralFx™ has an excellent health and Safety profile and 1% ViralFx™ solutions are nonirritating to the eye or skin.
  5 Its capacity to degrade textiles/fabrics and dyes is well documented. ViralFx™ has greater materials compatibility than hypochlorite and has been used on soft furnishings and carpets without adverse affects being noted
  6 Hypochlorite solutions will evolve chlorine gas when solutions become acidic ViralFx™ are soil tolerant - meaning that the same percentage solution can be used for a wide variety of disinfecting situations likely to be encountered
  7 Whereas a cleaning step is required prior to Hypochlorite application, which can result in pathogen dispersal ViralFx™ is a powder and can be directly applied to body fluid spills to absorb and render them harmless (from an infective perspective) without disturbing the spill
  8 Hypochlorite solutions show variability in actual shelf life. ViralFx™ has a shelf-life of 2 years if securely packed
  9 Hypochlorite solutions has a shelf life of 3-6 months ViralFx™ has a shelf life of 2 years

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