ViralFx™ In Poultry Care

Poultry Farm Biosecurity And Hygiene

ViralFx™ In Poultry Care

Poultry Farm Biosecurity and HygieneOne of the key elements of successful breeder farm management is maintaining good farm Biosecurity. Biosecurity procedures aim to keep birds healthy by reducing the chance of disease getting onto the farm, spreading between sheds, or being passed between batches within the same shed. Biosecurity measures on breeding farms include:

  • Shower-on, shower-off (including washing hair) for all personnel and visitors.
  • A complete change of clothes in the shower facility
  • Strict control of visitor movements
  • Wild animal-proof security fencing
  • Locked security gates
  • Bird, vermin and animal proofed sheds
  • Treated water supply
  • Full clean out and decontamination of sheds between batches
  • Restrictions placed on entry of feed and other vehicles to the property
  • Full sanitation and fumigation of any equipment entering the farm
  • No staff or visitors to the farm to have had any contact with other poultry for 72 hours
  • Footwear changed between sheds.
  • Hands washed or gloves changed between sheds

When a breeder flock is removed from a shed, the shed and all equipment in it is rigorously cleaned and disinfected with ViralFx™. The shed is then left empty for about three weeks before a new flock is placed to ensure that it is clean and ready for the next flock.


Poultry Farming And Viruses

If you ask poultry producers what damage viruses can do to their business, they will think mostly about major diseases such as Avian Influenza, Gumboro disease or respiratory infections such as Infectious Bronchitis virus

Viral diseases can reduce flock performance, productivity and profits without appearing as overt clinical disease Viruses are therefore potentially more important than bacterial infections Effects of viruses include: stunting, gut disease, mal-absorption, respiratory disease syndromes and immune suppression Effective vaccination programmes require healthy immune systems Viral diseases are common, insidious, persistent and require a structured bio security programe using the proven virucidal disinfectant ViralFx™


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