ViralFx™ In Poultry Hatchery

Diseases and infections have always been a major concern to the poultry industry, especially in the hatchery. Understanding the terms used to describe microbial control is important when selecting the appropriate action for eliminating disease causing organisms. Three terms commonly used but often misunderstood are sterilization, disinfection, and sanitation.

  • Sterilization - The destruction of all infective and reproductive forms of all microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, virus, etc.)
  • Disinfection - The destruction of all vegetative forms of microorganisms. Spores are not destroyed
  • Sanitation - The reduction of pathogenic organism numbers to a level at which they do not pose a disease threat to their host.

ViralFx™ helps in all these aspects.


Farm trolley in the hatchery egg room

Cleaning out litter (sweeping shed floor)

Setter racks of fertile eggs in the hatchery fumigation room.

Clean corners - Broiler Preparation

Banks of 'setters' or incubators - fertile eggs are incubated in these machines for the first 18 days

Baskets of eggs in a 'hatcher' for the last 3-4 days of incubation


Baskets of newly hatched chicks about to come out of the 'hatcher'

Cleaning & Disinfecting with ViralFx™ a 'hatcher' after removal of newly hatched chicks


Chick pipping through eggshell

Newly hatched broiler chicks in chick boxes awaiting dispatch to farms


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